Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Some Questions and Answers


A:We get asked this A LOT! We are an adult massage studio. We offer nude reverse massage with happy ending ( Hand Release )!! This simply means you and the lady are both comfortably nude, you get to decide if you massage the lady OR if she massage you. To end the session, the lady will provide a hand release or "Happy Ending" !!  Yes, we are fully legal, licensed and professional. 


q: where are you located?

A: We have 3 discreet locations to serve you. Hush is located at 208 Lemarchant Rd. White house with green trim and a flashing open sign in the front window. Come in the front door and ring the doorbell and the ladies will greet you in a few minutes. The Red Room is located in the heart of downtown at 202A water St. ( Second Floor ) Again, ring doorbell and the ladies will greet you. Our newest location is located at 14 Forbes St. 


Q: What can I expect upon arrival?

A: Typically, there are 2 ladies available at each location for each shift. Shifts run from 11am - 5pm and 5pm - 12 midnight. When you show up, simply ring the doorbell and the ladies will greet you at the door. You will have everything explained in a professional manner and you can decide if you want to stay or not. NO PRESSURE HERE ! 


Q: I want to stay for a session. What now?

A: AMAZING! Now you get to decide which lady you will like to stay with and she will take it from there. We work with very professional ladies so if there is anything you want or need, please just ask. The lady will show you to your room and offer you the option to shower or not. She will then show you to your private room and give you 5-10 minutes to let you get comfortable and she can freshen up. You remove your clothing and relax on the bed and your lady will be right with you.  :) 



A: We now accept debit/credit cards and of course, cash is King! 


q: what does "upgrades available" mean? 

A: Some of the ladies offer upgrades to sessions to clients they are comfortable with. These upgrades MUST be discussed with each lady as they can vary from person to person.  Kindly discuss what upgrade options are available with the lady in PRIVATE. Again, we accept only cash so please have any upgrade money with you if you are interested in that. You will NOT be pressured into upgrades but they may be offered. Upgrades can include but not limited to: body slides, GFE, FS, Domme/Sub training, fetish, outcalls, strip shows, bachelor parties etc!! Please, discuss any of these option FIRST with the lady you choose as every person is different. 


q: Is this discreet? 

A: YES! We value our clients and their discretion as we do our own. We suggest to our clients to not exchange any personal info with the ladies. That way you stay total anonymous when you come to any business like ours. We can not be held responsible for anything that happens outside the studio so please protect the ladies and yourself by valuing discretion as well. 



A: YES!!  Our space is VERY clean and sanitized after each use.  As the owner, I have most ladies make fun of me for being so particular on how my business is represented. I do not even like wrinkles in the sheets which is a long standing joke amongst the studio. As the day goes on, the attendants are responsible for cleaning/sanitizing and tidying the space after they use it. If at any time, for what ever reason they forgot or it was not to YOUR standard, feel free ask it to be cleaned immediately or have them contact the owner to come in and do it! That will get you a SUPER CLEAN room very quick. I expect a super clean, super tidy space at all times. 


q: is there parking available?

A: At Hush, we have 1 parking space out front. After 5pm, you are welcome to park behind 206 Lemarchant rd as well. A lot of our clients choose to park in the underground parking garage right behind us for discretion or park at the hotel next door. There are also paid parking space out front so plenty of discreet options.  At the water street location, there is plenty of paid parking on the street.  The Studio has ample parking on the parking lot :) 

q: Do you only accept appointments?

A: We accept both walk-ins and appointments. You can drop by at any time and meet the ladies and decide if you wanted to stay or not. If you know exactly what lady you want to see? Just call ahead and pre-book the appointment. We always suggest showing up on time as the ladies will not be expected to wait if you are late and another potential client shows up.